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The Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle: What to Expect

While female Chihuahuas can make wonderful, loving family pets, they must be properly cared for when in heat. This is because this is a critical time that requires special attention to avoid unwanted puppies around the home. To raise one correctly you will need to know about their cycle and prepare accordingly by having an enclosure ready or consulting with your vet before mating occurs naturally between her and another male dog.Female Chihuahua are most fertile during their “heat” cycles which require extra care at times since it attracts other males who might want to mate if not kept under control until she produces what was asked of them originally (a litter). In addition, Chihuahuas in heat will also bleed. You’ll have to come up with a solution to prevent it from getting on the floor. Keep reading and we take a closer look at what expect during their heat cycle.

When will my Chihuahua’s first heat cycle occur?

When will my Chihuahua's first heat cycle occur?

It’s important to note that all Chihuahuas are different, and unfortunately there is no easy way of telling when your female chihauhau will have her first heat cycle. Some experience it early while others may take well over a year. With this said, most females will go through their first heat between 6 months-1 years old. If your female hasn’t gone through by 18 months talk to the veterinarian about an underlying health problem A Chihuahua’s first heat cycle is a process that may not occur for two years. To be safe, take your Chihuahuas to the vet during this period and do not allow them to become pregnant as their organs are still adjusting. Your Chihuahua’s health is in your hands. If you want to ensure her safety, wait until at least the second heat cycle before spaying her.

The Different Stages of a Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle are evaluated

The Different Stages of a Chihuahua's Heat Cycle are evaluated

Here are the stages of a typical female Chihuahua’s heat cycle:Proestrus – This first stage is characterized by enlargement and reddening of the vulva as well as secretions from her mammary glands. Owners may also notice bleeding or spotting, but this can easily be confused with menstruation in humans.The next day vaginal discharge becomes more prevalent, often becoming blood-tinged due to irritation caused by increased sloughing (shedding)of cells lining the uterus during proestrus Estrus – During estrus , which usually lasts about 9 days if she ovulates, your dog will show even greater signs of being “in season.” Vaginal discharges become heavier and stickier at this Some Chihuahuas will exhibit clear, concise symptoms that include bleeding, swollen nipples, excessive licking and a general shift in mood change. Others may exhibit few (if any) signs of being on their heat cycle. The best way to determine if your dog is going through the proestrus stage is to closely observe them for changes in behavior because typically at this point they are constantly chasing males around or becoming aggressive with other dogs nearby. A week after the Proestrus stage, Chihuahuas enter estrus (Estrus). At this time females are fertile and receptive to breeding. Estrus isn’t too difficult for owners to identify; it’s when a female has swollen genitals with vaginal bleeding which is very attractive scent-wise for nearby male dogs who will attempt mating, especially if she wants them around as well! Diestrus is the stage that comes right after Estrus for Chihuahuas. It lasts 30-90 days, during which time their body recovers from swollen genitals and nipples. If they are pregnant, then Diestrus does not happen as it skips to early stages of pregnancy where large puffy nipples remain intact along with other physical changes in a female’s body.” During Anestrus, a Chihuahua’s body and organs are getting back to normal after going through the heat cycle. This stage lasts 2-6 months until they begin their next heat cycle when bleeding or discharge will be seen again along with visible signs of sexual maturity.

Tips for Managing a Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle

Chihuahuas in heat can be exhausting and frustrating for owners, but they don’t have to wreak havoc on your life. Keep them separated from any nearby males (unless you want her pregnant) and follow these tips:- Feed the Chihuahua a high quality food throughout this period – Give daily exercise sessions of 30 minutes or more – Exercise is important because she’ll need that energy released during her cycle! If it’s not used up through play with other dogs then there will soon be an excess buildup inside of body which could lead to health complications such as infections if left untreated. The female Chihuahua, when in heat cycle must be kept on a leash and may become cranky. To prevent bleeding during the process of her heat cycle use doggie diapers or wrap up your dog’s bottom with blanket to avoid messes everywhere. Even after she stops having periods due to pregnancy you’ll need to keep her away from male dogs until certain that they are no longer fertile which can take weeks depending on their biology .

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