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How To Pick The Perfect Chihuahua Puppy From A Litter

To purchase a Chihuahua puppy, I recommend considering the following factors:1. The available space in your home and yard for this new furry friend to live comfortably 2. Your family’s current schedule 3. If you have any other pets at home already Before you choose a puppy, make sure to visit the litter multiple times. It’s important that your choice is based on much time spent around them rather than an impulsive decision influenced by emotions and instinct. Most breeders will encourage this because they want to bring in new customers; however, resist their attempts! Making several visits provides context for choosing the right match family-wise. The bottom line here is that unless you spend ample time with each pup during these trips it becomes harder to guess which one would be best suited for your household

Which Should I Choose: Male or Female?

Which Should I Choose: Male or Female?

It’s common for Chihuahua owners to have a preference between male and female dogs. In reality, both genders can be equally lovable depending on the individual dog! Although there are some traits that may seem more apparent in one gender or another when they grow up, as puppies it is hard to distinguish any noticeable differences. Male Chihuahuas tend to show their love by being more loyal and affectionate while females will strive harder than males do with obedience training due them having a higher sense of responsibility from an early age. As you choose your new furry companion based solely off looks alone then chances are either breed would make good companions but if you’re looking for something unique about each sex then this information might help point out what set of characteristics If you are looking for a loyal, loving family dog, there’s no better choice than male Chihuahuas. They have been known to mark their territory indoors by hiking back legs and peeing on furniture. It is not pleasant sight when coming home seeing your living room marked with urine from your couch or loveseat . The good news is that they can be trained through positive reinforcement and obedience so keep this in mind as well. Females retain the same traits of loyalty but it does take more time due to its smaller size which means training takes longer! Chihuahua breeders and experts agree that females are calmer than males. While they still enjoy occasional play time throughout the day, female Chihuahuas prefer to kick back in their owner’s lap. Female dogs go into heat around six months of age so it is best if you consult your vet first about when spaying them should be done depending on how old they will be during this process.

Inspection of the puppy’s health

Inspection of the puppy's health

Not every Chihuahua puppy is born healthy. Some of them may have worms, bone disorders, or they suffer from a certain disease or illness. Unless you want to spend thousands in vet bills and many sleepless nights worrying about your new pet’s health, choose a dog that appears to be well-cared for at the time of purchase/adoption. You can still adopt an ill Chihuahua pup but it helps if you know what kind(s) of ailments might affect him long term so that he doesn’t end up being more expensive than expected! How do we determine whether our puppies are healthy? When looking for any potential health issues in a Chihuahua puppy, you should run your fingers through its coat to check if it has fleas or ticks. A reputable breeder will raise their puppies in an environment free of such parasites. Look out for lethargic and weak pups that may be pointing towards more serious underlying health problems; healthy ones are responsive and playful with clean coats that aren’t tangled up. Being a good breeder means offering your puppies the best care and attention. You should check to see if they have mucus build-up in their eyes, nose or ears by lifting up eyelids and checking for discharge. If you notice any of these signs it’s likely that there is an infection so get them treated right away! When watching how active the puppy has been over time pay close attention to things like hopping along on one leg because this could indicate congenital defects which can’t be fixed easily later down the road when problems arise with walking/running etc… Also perform oral examinations where you open up their mouths looking at gums and teeth to make sure everything looks okay inside too! A healthy puppy should have soft pink gums, white teeth and no foul-smelling breath. If the dog is a weight that seems too large or small for their breed then it could be an indicator of health problems. Vomiting and diarrhea are two problematic signs that something may not be right about a Chihuahua’s diet or digestion system if they happen regularly after meals.

Temperament and behavior

Want to buy a Chihuahua puppy? Before you do, be sure that its behavior and temperament as an adult is within your expectations. Some puppies might seem more active than others when they’re young; the most important thing to consider is how this will affect their personality later on. If one of them likes running around biting furniture or toys instead of napping with his siblings in a big pile, he’ll probably continue acting like this even after weaning age! Before training a Chihuahua puppy, I recommend getting down on the floor. Since they are small puppies that might not recognize commands yet, try giving them attention by patting the ground and saying ‘come here’. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those enthusiastic pups who sees your presence as an invitation for play time then good job! They will be easier to train than ones who ignore you entirely.

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