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Do Shih Tzu Moult

Do Shih Tzu Moult

Shih Tzu do not routinely moult, but it does happen in a cyclical pattern – the pups will moult in the weeks leading up to their first vaccinations. There will then be another moult when they go into season for the first time if they are sexually mature. In the year after their first season they will moult again but may be a little less dramatic. This is nothing to worry about, just a natural part of their development. If you have a moulting Shih Tzu, make sure you use a soft toothbrush and a mild dog shampoo. The moult is a natural response to a hormone surge and your dog will be a little more grumpy than usual with a moulting coat, but they should not need any special treatment. It is also a good time to brush their teeth and check them for any problems. In the warmer months moulting Shih Tzu will lose a lot of hair in the house if they are kept indoors, but they will shed it all naturally in the end..

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