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Do Shih Tzu Malt

Do Shih Tzu Malt

Shih Tzu Malt is a drink that people used as a refreshing beverage in the summer. The Shih Tzu Malt is made from malt syrup, sugar, water and flavoring. The locals from Vienna, Austria, created a company in 1929 called Zero Company. The owners of the company wanted a refreshing drink to enjoy in the summer, so they created a new drink called Shih Tzu Malt. The name is a play on words, as they named the drink Shih Tzu Malt because it is similar to a malt drink that is made from barley, which they named ‘Malt’. Then the word Shih Tzu was added to it to create a name that they could trademark. They decided to name it Shih Tzu Malt because the drink is made from malt syrup, which is what you find in other types of malt drinks. Since that time, other companies have created other types of Shih Tzu Malt that are sold within other countries..

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