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Do Black Shih Tzus Stay Black?

Do Black Shih Tzus Stay Black?

As you may know, all puppies are born white, but their true colors come in later on. Black Shih Tzus are cute black dogs that come in different shapes and sizes. They usually have dark eyes and coats, and they are wonderful family pets. Black Shih Tzus are smart, alert, and active. All puppies (even Black Shih Tzus) start off white, but the shade of their coat may change as they age. You can help keep your dog’s color healthy with proper care and grooming and with proper feeding. Black Shih Tzus are very good with people and good with dogs, but they are good guard dogs and terrific watchdogs! Their notorious barking and howling make them a good detection system, but make them a bad idea for apartment living. They have lots of energy, so they need a lot of exercise! Because Black Shih Tzus are.

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